It is our goal to offer you a complete service !


1988 - Foundation:

Transelec - électricité haute et basse tension


Electrical installations - high and low voltage


1996 - Foundation:

STMB - service technique maintenance bâtiment


Facility management


2010 - Foundation:

ledngo - positive lighting


Relamping and professional Christmas illumination


2015 - Merger of the 3 companies:

Aireco-Tech / Transelec-Group


2018 - Construction of our new building

Thanks to our dynamic and very adaptable staff our company has become known for its reliability and the quality of its work on the Belgian, Luxembourgian and French market. 


We act, work and think like one single organism to be able to satisfy the specific needs of our customers.


Our strengththe trust and loyalty of our customers such as Lidl, Trafic, Galeria Inno, Galeries St. Lambert, M2 Maasmechelen, Airport Charleroi, Lunch Garden, Exki, Match, Delhaize, Quick restaurants, Pizza Hut, Carrefour ...